Harlequin Glorybower, Clerodendrum trichotomum
Lamiaceae or Mint Family
(formerly in the Verbenaceae or Vervain Family


Large shrub or small tree. Leaves heart-shaped, with long tip, not opposite each other, very weakly toothed, smelling of peanut butter when crushed. Flowers in clusters, strongly scented. Each flower trumpet-shaped with a long, narrow reddish tube, and 5 flaring white petals. The trumpet tube sticks out of a winged sac made of pinkish sepals. Anthers and stigma protrude a long way out of the flower, like loose threads. Flowers in mid-summer. Fruit a deep blue berry surrounded by a deep pink star that develops from the sepals; very ornamental.

A native of Japan, sometimes planted for ornament. Officially reported to escape into the wild in Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and more souther states. Not officially escaped in Virginia, but plants don't wait for official permission. In Wildwood, one plant known, on the eastern edge of the Park, near the cell tower.

The flowers and fruits are distinctive, so it is unlikely to be mistaken for anything else.

Bud Flower Fruit
Underside of leaf   Bark

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