Hog Peanut, Amphicarpa bracteata
Fabaceae or Pea Family

Plant growing over sunflowers Twining, climbing vine, gowing over other plants (sunflowers at left). Leafs divided into three leaflets, the two side ones almost stalkless. Leaflets egg shaped, untoothed. Flowers about 1/2 inch long, pale lilac to white, long tubular, with curled back petals. The flowers are in small dense clusters on stalks. Fruits are flat pea pods (center below). Blooms in summer. In addition to the typical flowers and fruits, it also produces small flowers at ground level which never open, but self-fertilize. These produce small, one-seeded fruits, at or below ground level (see right below), which are the "peanuts" that give the plant its common name.

Native vine of moist thickets. In Wildwood, climbs over other plants in moist areas along Connelly's Run floodplain.

No other vine in the Park has these distinctive dense clusters of long tubular flowers.

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Early one-seed fruit
Mature one-seed fruit