Japanese Honeysuckle,  Lonicera japonica
Caprifoliaceae or  Honeysuckle Family

Woody vine, climbing over other plants by twining.  Leaves, egg-shaped, pointed, opposite each other on the twig, untoothed.  Flower petals united into a long tube that flares wide open at end.  Four petals flare upward, and one downward.  Flowers are white, but turn yellow as they age.  Blooms in early June.  Fruit a black berry.

A weed that climbs over and smothers other plants, occasional in open areas of the Park.

Mountain honesuckle (L. dioica) is a somewhat similar native, but has not been reported from the Park.  Its flowers are yellowish to purple; its fruits are red, and the last pair of leaves on its stems are fused.  Morrow honeysuckle (L. morrowii) is a shrub with somewhat different flowers and red berries. Bella honeysuckle (L. x bella) is also a shrub, and with pink flowers. Amur honeysuckle (L. maackii) is also a shrub with purple berries turning bright red..


Closeup of Fruits

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