Jimson Weed or Thorn Apple, Datura stramonium
Solanaceae or Nightshade Family

Coarse plant, 1 to 5 feet tall. Leaves egg-shaped to lance-shaped with large irregular teeth, ill-smelling. Flowers large and showy, to 4 inches long, trumpet shaped, with 5 flaring, wavy, often spiral lobes. Flowers white to violet or lavendar. Blooms in summer. Fruit a spiny egg, turning brown and splitting open to release the seeds. POISONOUS to eat.

Alien of waste places, gardens and fields. In Wildwood, common along the Riverway bike path, especially near the South Bridge.

The lovely flowers and curious fruits are distinctive, so the plant is easily identified. The rank smell helps clinch the identification.

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Flower face on
Flower from side



Stem and fruit 

Young fruit

 Mature, unopened fruit

Ripe, opened fruit

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