Pointed-Leaved Tick Trefoil,  Desmodium glutinosum
Fabaceae or Pea Family

Plants Low plant with whorls of leaves; each leaf with three round, long-pointed leaflets.  Small, pink to purple, pea-like irregular flowers in elongated clusters.  Fruit a pea pod, but with usually two or three seeds, deeply cleft between the seeds.

.Occasional in the shady woodlands, especially on the western slope.

Tick trefoils are easily recognized by their long stalks of small colorful flowers, three-parted leaves and deep clefts between the seeds in the seedpod.  Perplexing Tick Trefoil (Desmodium perplexum) has somewhat larger flowers with "eyes," alternate (not whorled) leaves, and 3-5 divisions of the seedpod.

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