Poison Hemlock (Conium maculatum)
Apiaceae or Parsley Family

Tall plant, up to 9 ft, with many flat-topped clusters (umbels) of tiny white flowers with 5 petals.  Leaves fern-like, highly divided with the smallest segments toothed.  Stems hollow, mottled with purple.  Blooms late spring into summer.  All parts of the plant are deadly poisonous if eaten.  There is no danger in touching or brushing against it.

A weed from Eurasia, found in disturbed places, especially in waste areas and along roads.  It can be found all over the area (and indeed North America).  In Wildwood it can be found along the Riverway.

Many members of the Parsley family have similar white flowers in flat-topped clusters like this; however, none in Wildwood grow so big.

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