Pokeweed or Poke, Phytolacca americana
Phytolaccaceae or Pokeweed Family

Plant Coarse, weedy-looking succulent plant over 3 ft tall. Leaves not opposite each other, large, egg-shaped, untoothed. White or pink flowers in long, slender clusters. Flowers technically have no petals, but the 5 round, succulent sepals are petal-like. Center of flower (the carpel or female part) green, developing into a juicy purple berry that may be poisonous to humans, but is popular with birds. Blooms in summer; purple fruit born in autumn.

A native of moist, semi-open spaces, often weedy in moist pastures and yards. In Wildwood common along the Riverway bikepath.

The succulent white flowers and purple berries are good identifiers.

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Flowers close up