Prairie Ragwort, Packera plattensis  (formerly Senecio plattensis)
Asteraceae or Sunflower Family

Plant Erect herb.  Leaves primarily at base of plant, spoon-shaped to oval, toothed, or sometimes lobed. Leaves on stem, smaller, stalkless and clasping te stem, usually deeply cut, sometimes only toothed..  Stems with tufts of white hairs at branches.  Flower heads in a terminal cluster.  Each flowerhead consists of a central button of yellow-orange disk flowers, surrounded by a number of yellow ray flowers that have thick rims.  Blooms in late spring.

Plant of dry rocky areas.  Common on the eastern slope of the Park, especially under the power line along Wildwood Drive.

Easily identified by its numerous small yellow flowers and its habitat in open dry areas.  Many members of the Asteraceae are yellow and it is difficult to identify them with surety.  Ragworts tend to have deeply cut stem leaves and relatively small flowers in relatively large clusters. Golden ragwort (Packera aurea) also grows in Wildwood but it grows in very wet places.

Basal leaves
Stem leaves