Red Clover,  Trifolium pratense
Fabaceae or Pea Family

Low, spreading plant, 1-2 feet tall.  Flowers in dense clover heads, red to purple.  Leaves with 3 leaflets, each blunt-pointed, oval, and usually bearing a white chevron.

Alien weed of waste places, pastures, fields, and roadsides.  In Wildwood, moderately common along Wildwood Drive and, especially, the bikeway in the open, meadow area at the south of the Park.

The clover head and 3-part leaves is distinctive of the genus Trifolium. Most clovers in the Park are yellow, white or gray. Crimson clover (T. incarnatum) has longer heads and the flowers are deep crimson-red. The white V on the leaves helps confirm the identification of red clover.