Eastern Red Cedar, Juniperus virginiana
Cupressaceae or Cypress Family


Small to medium-sized tree. Leaves of two kinds, usually on same tree, tiny, scale-like leaves flattened against the twigs (below) and longer, three-sided, sharp-pointed needles. Bark reddish, shreddy. Cones berry-like, bluish to blackish green.

A native tree of disturbed and open areas; frequently growing on the sides of cliffs. Occasional in open spaces, and common on the cliffs in Wildwood.

The mixed scale and needle leaves are good for identification. The berry-like cones are also clinchers, but are not common in Wildwood. The only other conifers in Wildwood are pines, which have needles in clusters, and woody cones.

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Needle-like leaves
  Scale-like leaves Scale like leaves

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