Sharp-Leaved Goldenrod,  Solidago argutaa
Asteraceae or Sunflower Family

  Moderately tall plant, 2 to 4 feet tall, with a smooth stem. Inflorescence a terminal cluster made up of horizontal one-sided branches.  Each branch of ther cluster contains small flower heads with a few central disc flowers and 5 to 8 radiating ray flowers, all golden yellow.  Basal leaves and lowest stem leaves conspicuously larger than the upper leaves. Basal and lowest leaves egg-shaped, pointed, with sharp double teeth. Middle stem leaves with sharp teeth.  Blooms in late summer to autumn. 

Native plant of dry open woods.  Occasional n Wildwood.

Goldenrods are a difficult group to identify, and there are many similar species.  The double-toothed leaves are a good indicator of this species, as is the dry woodland habitat and. Elm-leaved goldenrod (S. ulmifolia) is probably most similar of Wildwood's goldenrods, but it has spoon-shaped leaves with big teeth and 3-5 ray flowers in each head.