Shrubby St. Johnswort,  Hypericum prolificum (H. spathulatum in some books)
Hypericaceae or St. Johnswort Family
(in some books the Hypericaceae is included in the Clusiaceae or Mangosteen Family)

Plants Small shrub, about 3 feet tall.  Leaves long and narrow, with a very prominent midvein.  Flowers with 5 reflexed, pale yellow petals and a prominent crown of many golden stamens. Blooms in summer.

Native shrub of pastures and rocky slopes; in Wildwood common on the rocky slopes above Wildwood Drive and under the powerline.

All St. Johnsworts have golden yellow flowers with pom-poms of stamens above the reflexed petals.  This species easily recognized by being the only shrubby St. Johnswort. Common St. Johnswort (H. perforatum) is an alien weed of the open areas of the Park. Spotted St. Johnswort (H. punctatum)is a native of damp places.

Fall foliage