Small Carpgrass or Small Carpetgrass, Arthraxon hispidus
Poaceae or Grass Family


An annual grass, about a foot and a half tall, blooming in summer. Leaves are relatively broad for a grass, about 2 inches long and 3/4 inch wide. The leaf bases encircle the stalk, and the leaf edges are fringed with fine hairs. The inflorescence resembles long, thin, bony fingers. The flowers are brownish with long stiff hairs (called awns).

This is a nasty invasive exotic plant of wet areas, stream banks, lakeshores, etc. It came over from eastern Asia as early as the mid 1800's and has spread to most of the eastern US, Oregon and Hawai'i. In Wildwood it is very common along the edge of the entrance wetland.

The wet habitat and wide leaves make this an easy grass to identify.

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