Smooth Rock Cress, Arabis laevigata
Brassicaceae or Mustard Family




Plant in fruit

Tall herb.  Leaves long, with teeth at the end, and clasping the stem at the base.  Flowers small, somewhat bell-shaped, white or greenish white.  Fruit a long, skinny pod, spreading horizontally and often curving.

Shy native plant of rocky woods.  Occasional along the trails on the west slope of the Park. 

Toothwort has larger flowers that are intricately cut.  Hairy bittercress is a smaller plant with upright pods and mostly basal leaves that are divided into segments.  Garlic Mustard has heart-shaped leaves and upright pods.  Outside the Park it could be confused with a number of other white-flowered mustards, but the curving, wide-spreading pods are a good identifier.