Redstem Storksbill or Redstem Filaree, Erodium cicutarium
Geraniaceae or Geranium Family


Weak stemmed, sprawling plant. Leaves divided into small leaflets along the sides of the central stalk, like the barbs of a feather (feather compound or pinnate). Each leaflet feather-lobed. Flowers pink to purple, with 5 petals, in small clusters on long flower stalks. Fruit a long thin pod resembling the beak of a long-beaked bird, hence the common name. The fruit splits open suddenly and throws the seeds into the air. The seeds have long barbed tails that curl as they dry, actively screwing the pointed seed into the ground.

An alien weed from the Mediterranean, spreading throughout most of North America, especially the arid Southwest. Prefers open, disturbed, sandy or grassy habitats. Not known in Wildwood before construction at the south end of the Park.

Cranesbills in the genus Geranium have similar flowers and fruits, but the leaves are divided into leaflets in a palmate pattern, that is, like the fingers of a hand. A number of species of Cranesbills are known in Wildwood.

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