Sugar Maple,  Acer saccharum
Sapindaceae or Soapberry Family
(the maples used to be separated out in their own family, the Aceraceae)  

Large tree with rough bark.  Leaves with 5 lobes, deeply notched between the three upper lobes.  Lobes with pointed sublobes.  Flowers small, yellowish, on long stalks.  Furits are paired samaras, sharply bent down, forming a "helicopter."  Blooms in early spring.  Leaves turn yellow to orange in the fall.

Native tree of mature forests.  Common in Wildwood's forests.

Silver maple has leaves with very deep notches and teeth, and the samaras that curve downward. Red maple also has toothed leaves and usually 3 major lobes, and two small ones.

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Tree in fall
Leaf upper surface
Leaf lower surface
Fall foliage
Fall leaves

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