Sweet Buckeye, Aesculus flava (A. octandra)
Hippocastanaceae or Horse Chestnut Family

Flowering branch

Tree, blooming in mid spring.  Bark rough.  Leaves compound, with five leaflets arranged like the fingers of a hand (palmately compound). Flowers in dense clusters at the ends of branches, white, tubular, with a raised petal having a yellow spot that turns red on pollination.  Fruit a shiny nut (buckeye) encased in a leathery skin that peels off in sections after the fruit falls. 

Native tree with beautiful flowers and food for wildlife. Common in wooded areas of the park.

No other tree in the Park has palmately compound leaves. Virginia creeper has similar leaves, but is a climbinf vine. The flowers and fruits, when present, are distinctive and clinch identification..

Fruits Fruit Fallen fruit


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