Tall Meadow Rue (Thalictrum polygamum)

Ranunculaceae or Buttercup Family


Weak-stemmed plant, sprawling over other plants and often resembling a vine.  Flowers, which are in large, branching clusters, have 4 tiny white petals and geen to white stamens that are club-shaped and spreading.  Leaves are divided into multiple leaflets.  Many of the leaflets have a distinct shape, oval with three large lobes at the tip.  Plant blooms in early summer in open sunny places.

Common along Wildwood Drive under the powerline.

Waxy meadow rue occurs in the same area.  It has similar leaves, except with a smelly wax on them, and the flowers have drooping stamens.  Early meadow rue blooms earlier and in shadier places.  It too has drooping flowers, and the leaves are distinctly different, with scalloped edges.