Spotted Jewelweed or Spotted Touch-Me-Not,  Impatiens capensis
Balsaminaceae or Jewelweed Family

Bushy plant, 2-5 feet tall, with egg shaped, coarsely toothed leaves.  Flowers orange to orange-red, strongly spotted with red-brown.  They are irregularly shaped, with a two-petaled landing pad for bees in the front and an awning above.  At the back is a short, spur that curves under the flower.  Fruit is a plump pod that, when ripe, explodes when touched, expelling the seeds (below right).

Charming native of moist shady places throughout the East.  In the Park, almost anywhere shady where the soil is moist enough.

Pale jewelweed (I. pallida) has yellow, lightly spotted flowers.

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Exploded fruits with seeds