Tulip Poplar, Liriodendron tulipifera
Magnoliaceae or Magnolia Family

Tulip tree flower

Tall tree, blooming in mid spring.  Leaves alternate along the stem, with four to six lobes  The leaves somewhat resemble the familiar maple leaf, but have a notch at the tip instead of a point.  Flowers are large, orange and green and resemble tulips.  Inside there are many stamens.  Long sepals hang beneath the petals.  Fruit a cone-like structure made up of slim winged seeds pressed together.  Center stalk of the cone often persisting on older branches.  Flowers and fruits, however, are often missed on the taller trees, since they are so far off the ground.

Occasional in wooded areas of the park. 

Unmistakable.  No other plantin Wildwood has leaves, flowers, or fruits resembling those of the tulip poplar.


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