Veined Skullcap, Scutellaria nervosa
Lamiaceae or Mint Family

Small plant, about a foot high. Flowers white, purple spotted, about a third of an inch long, typical mint-flower shape. Flowers are in pairs or single in the axils of the leaves. Leaves are egg-shaped, bluntly toothed, pointed opposite each other. Blooms in summer.

Small, easily overlooked plant of woodlands. Rare in Wildwood.

Members of the mint family are often hard to tell apart. The few, nearly white flowers in the leaf axils make this one fairly easy to identify, if noticed at all. Small skullcap (S. parvula) has blue to purple flowers with mostly untoothed leaves. Showy skullcap (S. serrata) and hairy skullcap (S. elliptica) are larger and have larger flowers and toothed leaves.




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