Woodland Spurge, Euphorbia commutata
Euphorbiaceae or Spurge Family


Short, erect plant, generally under a foot tall. Leaves are near base of plant, not opposite each other, small, spoon-shaped, with short stalks, turning red with age. Flowers appeared to be round and green, with a yellow center. Technically each is a flower cluster framed by two rounded green, leaf-like bracts. The cluster contains one or more globose green female flowers on dangling stalks and several tiny male flowers reduced to single anthers. The cluster is surrounded by 4 yellow glands, each with two horns.

An odd native of open, sunny, often rocky places. Known in Wildwood from the area near the cell phone tower and water tanks on the east boundary.

There are several other species of small spurges with similar flowers, but none have yet been reported from Wildwood, so this plant is unlikely to be confused with anything else.


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