Wild Basil, Clinopodium vulgare (formerly Satureja vulgaris)
Lamiaceae or Mint Family

Low plant, up to about 2 feet tall. Leaves small. opposite each other, egg-shaped, toothed, and strongly veined.  Flowers small, about 1/2 inch long, pink to lilac, rarely white, trumpet shaped with two lips. Upper lip with one lobe, lower with three lobes. Flowers arise from multiple tiers of bristly purplish pom-poms which persists after the flowers drop. Blooms in summer.

Charming native of woodland edges and open fields. Common in the South Meadow of Wildwood..

The opposite little leaves and the lipped, trumpet-shaped flowers in clusters marky this as a member of the mint family. While mints are sometimes hard to tell apart, the bristly pom-poms are distinctive, making this an easy mint to identify.