Black Willow, Salix nigra
Salicaceae or Willow Family


Shrub to small tree, with alternate, long, narrow, finely toothed leaves. The bases of the leaves are rounded. Leaves hairless, but leafstalks hairy. Male and female flowers on different plants in early spring. Male flowers in long catkins, bushy with yellow anthers sticking out. Female flowers green shaped like bird beaks, in catkins. Fruits reddish beaked flasks..

The most common native willow in Virginia. Usually a shrub of floodplains and other wet areas. Occasional in Wildwood, in moist places, in the floodplain of Connelly's Run, and in the entrance wetland.

Willows are not easy to identify to the species. However, the long narrow, finely toothed leaves with rounded bases are good indicators of this species. Its commonness also helps, and in Wildwood it is the only willow so far reported and identified.

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