Yellow Goatsbeard, Trgopogon pratensis
Asteraceae or Sunflower Family

Plant in bloom

Attractive, sunflower-like plant, about 2 to 3 feet tall. Leaves long, narrow, grass-like, often with a distinctive midvein. A large bud like a ribbed-pickle, opens in the morning to reveal a yellow flowerhead with a central disk and many yellow rays around it. Often, long, narrow, green bracts extend outward beyond the flowerhead to emphasize the sun-like appearance. Flowerheads close up by noon, and then open some days later to reveal a large, delicate seed head, somewhat similar to a dandelion seedhead.

An alien weed of open, disturbed places and roadsides. Occasional along the road and bikeway, and at the edges of the Park. Outside the Park, often seen along the edges of parking lots.

The long green bracts around the flowerhead, the large feathery seedhead and the habit of blooming only in the morning make this plant distinctive.

Leaves   Bud
Seedhead   Seeds, close up

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