Yellow Wood Sorrel or Common Oxalis, Oxalis stricta
Oxalidaceae or Wood Sorrel Family

Plant Low plant, about a foot tall. Leaves long-stalked, with 3 heart-shaped leaflets. Leaflets fold together at night, as below left. Flowers single or in small clusters, long stalked, yellow, with 5 petals. Blooms in summer. Fruit a missile-shaped capsule.

Weedy native, a plant of lawns, meadows and fields. In Wildwood, common in the South Meadow and ini mown areas.

The leaves resemble those of various clovers, but the 5-petalled flowers are very different. Great wood sorrel (O. grandis) is very similar, but has larger flowers and leaves and is up to 3 feet tall. It, too is native.

Folded leaves



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