Common Speedwell,  Veronica officinalis
Plantaginaceae or Plantain Family (formerly in the Scrophulariaceae, the Figwort Family)


Low, sprawling plant with spikes of lilac or lavender, striped flowers, about a quarter-inch wide.  Three petals are larger than the fourth.  Leaves egg-shaped, with coarse teeth.

An alien weed of open sunny places.  Fairly common in meadows and along paths and roads.  Blooms in summer.

The one smaller petal out of four is characteristic of speedwells (Veronica). Of speedwells in the Park, only this species likes open dry areas, and most others do not have flowers in terminal spikes. Thyme-leaved speedwell (V. serpyllifolia) does have flowers in terminal clusters, but it is a smaller plant with smaller, nearly or completely toothless leaves..

Flower closeup

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