Persian Speedwell,  Veronica persica
Plantaginaceae or Plantain Family (formerly in the Scrophulariaceae, the Figwort Family)


Low, creeping, spreading plant with sky-blue flowers, striped with darker blue, about a half-inch wide.  Three petals are larger than the fourth.  Leaves approximately round, with coarse teeth. Blooms in early spring. Fruits are small heart-shaped nuts.

An alien weed.  Common along bikepath.  Also common along roadsides and in lawns outside the park. 

Similar to ivy-leaved speedwell (V. hederifolia), but that plant has leaves with a few lobes instead of many teeth, and smaller, paler flowers, and prefers shadier locations. Also similar to corn speedwell (V. arvensis), but that plant also has smaller flowers, leaves with fewer teeth and upper leaves that are strap-shaped. Thyme-leaved speedwell (V. serpyllifolia) is also similar, but again has smaller flowers and leaves toothless or almost so, and also has flowers in a terminal cluster.



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