Redbud, Cercis canadensis
Fabaceae or Pea Family

Tree in flower Small understory tree.  Leaves heart-shaped, not opposite each other on the twigs.  Flowers appear in the spring, before the leaves.  Flowers are pink to violet and somewhat shaped like flowers of sweet peas.  They look somewhat like fancy slippers or singing faces with protruding noses, long open mouths and big pink spectacles.  Flowers grow directly from the woody stems.  Fruit a flattened peapod.

Common in partly sunny places in the woods, and, especially along the edges of the woods.

Very noticeable in bloom, when it lights up the forest with pink flames.  Less obvious in the summer, but still easily identified by the heart-shaped leaves and peapod fruits.

Leaves and fruit

Flowering branch



Fall foliage Fruits


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