Confused Eusarca, Eusarca confusaria
Geometridae or Geometer Family

Adult Moth

Medium moth, an inch to an inch and a half in wingspan. Wings yellowish-tan, dusted with gray, varying from quite light (as here) to dark gray. Curved line at forward part of forewing. more or less straight lines across the back of the fore and hind wings, lining up between wings to form a complete line. There is a tiny black dot on each forewing about half-way between the lines, and sometimes more black dots near the margins. Rear margin of hind-wing is rounded. Caterpillar a brownish inchworm. Adults fly from April to October.

Found in eastern North America, Nova Scotia to North Dakota, south to the Gulf. Likes open areas like meadows and fields.

The scientific and common names presumably reflect the fact that it can easily be confused with a number of other moths. Perhaps it really should be called "Confusing Eusarca" -- its not the one confused by these other moths! In any case, one of these look-alikes is known from Wildwood, the Large Maple Spanworm Moth, Prochoerodes lineola. In this species there is one prominent line across the wings and two less distinct lines, and the margin of the rear wing is angular, coming to an obtuse point.


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