Large Maple Spanworm Moth, Prochoerodes lineola
---idae or --- Family

Medium-sized moth; wingspan and inch to two inches.Color variable from yellowish to light brown to dark brown. Hind wing margin is angular, coming to an obtuse point. (Note that moth in picture is resting head downward.) Curved dark line across both hind and forewings, curves outward at either side. Jagged, less distinct lines above and below this central line. Flies late spring to fall at night.

Larva (the Large Maple Spanworm) is a long, skinny brown caterpillar with a white stripe that pretends to be a twig, hanging on at one end and sticking out into space. Despite the "maple" in its name, the caterpillar will eat leaves of a whole variety of trees, shrubs, wildflowers, and even grass.

Native of the eastern United States, Maine to Florida and west to middle Texas and eastern North Dakota; also southern Canada west to eastern British Columbia. Likes mixed and deciduous forests.

Has a number of imitators, one of which, the Confused Eusarca (Eusarca confusaria), is also known from Wildwood. That species has two distinct lines across the wings, and the hind wing margin is curved, not pointed.


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