Eyelash Cup, Scutellinia scutellata
Pyrenomecetaceae or Cup Fungus Family


Vey small mushroom, less than 1/2 inch, disk-shaped to shallowly bowl-shaped. Red to orange above, somewhat darker below, with a fringe of thin hairs all around the edge.

Grows on logs. Occasionally seen in Wildwood.

Easily overlooked because of the tiny size, but the eyelashes all around the rim are distinctive. Scarlet cup (Sarcoscypha austriaca) is much larger and has no eyelashes. Shaggy scarlet cup (Microstoma floccosum) is stalked and has shaggy white hairs. Dwarf eyelash cup (S. setosa) is similar, but even smaller (less than 3 mm) and duller in color. It has not been reported from the Park, but could easily be lurking there by the hundreds.


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