Shaggy Scarlet Cup, Microstoma floccosum
(Microstoma floccosa in some field guides. That looks correct, but actually isn't.)
Sarcoscyphaceae or Scarlet Cup Family


Small mushroom, up to a half inch wide and and one and a half inches tall. Shaped like a long-stemmed goblet, bright red, and covered with tangled white hairs. Grows on decaying sticks and logs.

Found throughout the US east of the Rockies. Often overlooked because of its small size, so we don't know how common it may be in the Park.

Scarlet cup (Sarcoscypha austriaca) has no or a very short stalk and is often larger. Stalked scarlet cup (Sarcoscypha occidentalis) is hairless. Eyelash cup (Scutellinia scutellata) is very small, nearly stalkless, and has black hairs around the edges.

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