Orange Jelly, Dacrymyces chrysospermus
(until recently known as Dacrymyces palmatus)
Dacrymycetaceae or Orange Jelly Family


Mushroom an irregular clump of rubbery, gelatinous yellow-orange to orange folds, growing on dead pine wood. It can grow on wood that has lost its bark, or it can bulge out through cracks in the bark. In dry weather it dries to a tiny, hard, dark red to red-orange speck, that can absorb water and revive when it rains.

Common in Wildwood, but unlikely to be noticed, except in wet weather..

Witch's butter (Tremella mesenterica) is more yellow and more delicate and grows on hardwoods. Orange jelly drops (Dacrymyces stillatus) are smaller and drop-shaped.


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