Witch's Butter, Tremella mesenterica
Tremellaceae or Witch's Butter Family


Mushroom an irregular clump of gelatinous, shiny, slimy, yellow folds, growing on hardwood logs and sticks that still have their bark, often on dead but still attached, or freshly fallen branches. Technically it does not grow on the wood, but is a parasite on wood-decaying crust fungus. In dry weather, it dries to a pale film or smear that can revive when it rains.

Occasional in Wildwood, but not likely to be noticed except after a period of wet weather.

Orange jelly (Dacrymyces chrysospermus) is more orange and lumpier and grows on pine wood. Golden witch's butter (T. aurantia) has a matte, instead of a shiny surface, and has thicker lobes or folds; it is parasitic on the hairy parchment (Stereum hirsutum).

According to legend, if witch's butter appears on your fence post or doorpost it means a witch has cast a spell on you. Apparently there are some witches that don't approve of Wildwood.

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