Orange Pinwheel (Marasmius siccus)
Marasmiaceae or Fairy Circle Family


Tiny mushroom, up to about the diameter of a penny, but usually much smaller. Cap rounded, deeply ribbed, deep orange when young, but fading with age. Stalk dark, wiry thin. Gills few and far apart (a condition called distant), whitish. Looks like a tiny orange beach umbrella. Grows singly or in small groups on leaves and twigs.

A delightful little mushroom if you notice it, but most people don't. It occurs in Wildwood, but how common it may be is anybody's guess.

This is an easy mushroom to identify, based on its very small size, brilliant color, wiry stem, and distant gills,. Orange mycena, while small, is still much larger, has a thick stalk, and crowded gills. It also grows in dense clusters. Pinwheel (M. rotula) is similar, but white.





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