Orange Mycena (Mycena leaiana)
Mycenaceae or Mycena Family

Young cluster of mushrooms

Small, about an inch or less, shiny, orange, gilled mushroom, growing in prolific clusters on dead wood.  Cap is orange when young but the color easily washes out in th rain, leaving a dull orange brown (below, left). Gills crowded, always deeply orange, even when the cap has faded. A common fungus in spring through fall, even during relatively dry periods.

Occasional on rotting logs in the woodlands of the Park.

This is an easy mushroom to identify, based on its brilliant color, small size, and crowded gills,. Even if the cap is faded, the gills retain the bright color. Orange pinwheel is another brilliant orange mushroom, but that species is even smaller and has distant (uncrowded) gills.

Gills and stalk

Faded cluster of mushrooms 

Cluster of mushrooms

 Cluster from below

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