Carolina Rose or Pasture Rose,  Rosa carolina
Rosaceae or Rose Family

Low, sprawling plant, to 3 ft tall.  Flowers showy, usually solitary, pale pink, with 5 petals, widest at the tip, and notched.  Leaves with 3 to 9 leaflets arranged on either side of the central stalk (pinnate).  Fruit a dry red berry (a rose hip).  The flower sepals, persist at the top of the fruit, forming a flat spiny star.  Blooms in summer.

Native plant of dry, rocky or sandy soil.  In Wildwood, occasional on the cliffs above Wildwood Drive, under the powerline.

Wild roses are often hard to tell apart.  However, in Wildwood, the only other wild rose reported is multiflora rose, an alien with smaller white flowers in profuse clusters on arching stems. Cultivated roses have many, many petals.

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