Hybrid or Cultivated Rose,  Rosa x
Rosaceae or Rose Family

Flower Low, thorny shrub.  Flowers very showy, with many many petals.  Pink in Wildwood, but also in a rainbow from white to red to yellow. Leaves with toothed leaflets.  Fruit a dry red berry (a rose hip).  The flower sepals, persist at the top of the fruit, forming a flat spiny star.  Blooms in summer.

The origin of cultivated roses is lost in the mists of time, and undoubtedly multiple species have passed their DNA into the glorious array of hybrids we now enjoy. Occasionally they escape, or more often persist from previous plantings, in wild areas. In Wildwood, known from the entrance area, near the wetland.

Wild roses are similar, except that the flowers have 5 petals. See multiflora rose and Carolina rose.





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