Group of plants

Creeping Bellflower,  Campanula rapunculoides
Campanulaceae or Bluebell Family

Erect herb, 1 to 3 ft tall, usually unbranched, but often many individual stems from the same roots, thus forming a clump.  Lower leaves long-stalked, upper unstalked, long heart-shaped to lance-shaped, toothed.  Flowers nodding purple bells, with 5 flaring lobes, all on one-side of the stalk, very showy. 

A weed from Eurasia, common in fields and on roadsides.  In Wildwood most often seen along Wildwood Drive, or in the entrance area.  

The native tall bellflower (Campanula americana) is related and grows in Wildwood; however, it is easily distinguished from creeping bellflower as its flowers are more star-shaped than bell-shaped, its leaves are narrower and it grows only in shady woods.

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