Robin's Plantain, Erigeron pulchellus
Asteraceae or Sunflower Family


A late-spring daisy-like plant.  Flower heads one to one and a half inches wide, pink, blue. violet or white, with yellow centers, One to one-and-a-half inches wide.  Most leaves are basal, spatula-shaped, toothed and soft hairy.  A few small stem leaves may be present.

A native or open woods and fields.  Rather rare in Wildwood.

Robin's plantain is a member of the genus Erigeron, the fleabanes.  These are easily recognized by their daisy-like flowers with a large number of very narrow rays.  Common fleabane (E. philadelphicus) has somewhat smaller flowers and mostly stem leaves that clasp the stem.  Daisy fleabanes (E. strigosus, and E. annuus) bloom later, have still smaller flowers with fewer rays ("petals"), and have mostly stem leaves.  Oxeye daisy (Chrysanthemum leucanthemum) blooms in the summer and has fewer, wider rays.

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