Morrow Honeysuckle, Lonicera morrowii
Caprifoliaceae or Honeysuckle Family

Shrub, with narrow, oblong leaves opposite each other on the branch.  Leaves and twigs hairy. Flowers in mid spring are white, turning yellowish with age.  Petals are in two groups, some go up and som go down. Fruits in the autumn are red or orange berries.

Non-native shrub, often escaping into woodlands.  In Wildwood some plants may persist from an earlier time when the Park was more developed and landscaped; others may be invading.  Although alien, it does provide food for native birds.  Common, especially along the Riverway bike path and Wildwood Drive. 

Bella honeysuckle (.L x be;;aa) has pink flowers with petals untidy looking, and hairless leaves and twigs. Amur honeysuckle ( L. maackii) has more oval leaves with long-pointed tips. Japanese honeysuckle (L. japonica) is a vine with somewhat different flowers and black berries.

Morrow Honeysuckle fruits

Fruits, red form

Fruits, orange form


Underside of leaves

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