Narrow-Leaved Vetch, Vicia angustifolia
Fabaceae or Pea Family


Sprawling or climbing vine.  Flowers small, pink to purple, resembling those of the garden sweet pea or edible pea.  Leaves long, with long, narrow leaflets opposite each other.  Last several leaflets missing, replaced by tendrils that wrap around other plants and help support the plant.  Fruit a purple-black pea-like pod.

Open fields and waste places, a common weed of yards and gardens.  In Wildwood common along the bike path, especially in the area of the north bridge.

Small, pink to purple flowers and tendril-tipped leaves are distinctive characteristics that make this plant easy to identify.  Carolina or Wood Vetch (V. caroliniana) has white flowers and unbranched tendrils, and grows in the woods.



Leaf and tendrils