Virginia Pine or Scrub Pine, Pinus virginiana
Pinaceae or Pine Family


Scrubby small to medium-sized tree. Lower branches often dying, leaving a clump of green at the top. Bark breaking up into plates. Leaves are needles, one and a half to 3 inches long, bundled together, 2 to the bundle. Female cones, egg-shaped, about 2 inches long, with a short thorn on each scale.

Fairly commonl in wooded areas of the park, especially on the eastern slope. 

There are three other pines in the Park. White pine (P. strobus) has 5 needles in a bundle and long, unarmed, cylindrical cones. Shortleaf pine (P. echinata) has been reported from the Park; it has longer needles (3 to 5 inches), most in bundles of 2, but some of in 3's, and somewhat more cylindrical cones. Loblolly pine (P. taeda) has much longer needles (to 10 inches) and larger cones.


Fallen cone and needles Bark

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