Research and Studies in Wildwood Park

Impacts of the Invasive Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) on Ash Trees in Virginia Forests
The invasive, ash-tree killer, the Emerald Ash Borer, has reached Wildwood Park. Radford University Students under Dr. Christine Small have assessed the damage in the Park. The linked poster shows their results which were presented at the University Student Research and Scholarship Forum in April, 2019.

Forest Health Assessment of Wildwood Park, Radford, Virginia
This online assessment by Radford University students under Dr. Christine Small describes the major forest types in Wildwood and assesses their health and future problems. Future continuing study of the various kinds of forests in their park and their health will be added to the website.

It's All about Timing: Phenology
Phenology is the study of the timing of seasonal activities of animals and plants.This online report describes work done by Radford University students under Dr. Christine Small on the phenology of local wild animals, trees and shrubs, and wildflowers in Wildwood Park and the RU Selu Preserve. Future research will be added to the website. The results were also reported to the USA National Phenology Network and incorporated into their national database, Nature's Notebook.

Radford University Ecology projects under Dr. Christine Small (Posters presented at Radford University Research Symposium, 6 December 2018)

Human Influence on Wildlife Behavior by Alex Brooks, Austin Bissell, Brooke Ventura, Jonathan Borsellino, and Layne Sigmon.

Do Wildlife Avoid Periods of Human Activity? by Andrew Cardenas, Diont'e Hadden, Rayna Keen, Joseph Mayes, Jr., Emily Moran, and Dean Rocco.

Diversity of Wildlife at Wildwood Park and Selu Conservancy by Daneka Fowler, Nicolas Loudermilk, Kristin Ransome, Hannah Roberts, Dominique Scott, and Taylor Vance.

Presence of Domestic Dogs and Humans on Wildlife by Bodurin Ogunnupe, Christian Moncion, Delaney Peters, Jared McCormick, and Kyera Watkins.

Microscopic Flora and Fauna of the Tufa Wetland:
A survey by Radford University Principles of Biology students.

Studies under Dr. Kugler:
Dr. Chuck Kugler of Radford University has overseen several research studies in Wildwood Park undertaken by Radford students. 

Environmental Effects on the Closure of Spring Beauty Flowers by Amy Brennan, Holly Matthews and Tara Ross.

Nutrient and pH Levels of Wildwood Soil by Cathy Rabago, Tripp Wilkinson and Brian Robey.

Nutrients in Wet Soils Versus Dry Soils around Seeps by Lori Fisher and Lotoya Austin.

Last modified 15 May 2019

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