Schreber's Aster, Eurybia schreberi
(formerly Aster schreberi  what happened?)
Asteraceae or Sunflower Family

Plant Plant about 1 to 4 ft tall.  Leaves heart-shaped, , coarsely and sharply toothed.  Flower heads with yellow to purplish disc flowers and many white ray-flowers.  Blooms in the autumn.

Native aster of rich woods.  Occasional in Wildwood in sunny wooded areas.

There are many asters in the Park and they are difficult to tell apart. White wood aster (E. divaricata) is most similar, but it has fewer ray flowers and blooms in the summer. Heart-leaved aster (Symphyotrichum cordifolium) has similar leaves, but the flowers are rarely white. Wavy-leaved aster (S. undulatum) has leaves with winged stalks that clasp the stem. Lowry's Aster (S. lowrieanum) also has winged leafstalks. Both of these species also usually have violet ray flowers.





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