Wildwood Park is a city greenway for recreation and nature study in the heart of Radford.in the mountains of southwest Virginia. In this 50 acre wooded valley is a stream, Connelly's Run, woodland habitat, marshy areas, meadows, and limestone cliffs with tufa formations. A bikeway  runs through the valley and there are hiking trails on both sides.  The park has a long and interesting history.
Yesterday explores the Park's history.
Today  describes its geology and biology.
Tomorrow showcases plans for enhancing the Park

Forest Health Assessment of Wildwood Park: RUstudents assessed forest health and future threats in Wildwood Park.

Research in Wildwood: RU students presented Wildwood Park research at an RU Symposium in December.

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Wildwood Park is located in the city of Radford in the mountains of Southwest Virginia.
How to find the Park.

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