Hedge Bindweed,  Calystegia sepium
Convolvulaceae or Morning Glory Family

Sprawling, clambering vine.  Leaves are triangular with two rounded or squarish lobes that protrude behind the leafstalk.  Flowers showy, trumpet-shaped, white, sometimes tinged with pink.  Blooms in summer.

Lovely native of fields and open spaces.  In Wildwood, common in the south meadow.

Low bindweed (C. sepium) is very similar to hedge bindweed, but the leaves lack lobes at the bases. There are several other morning glories in Wildwood, but most have heart-shaped, rather than long leaves.  Common morning glory (I. purpurea) msy have white flowers, but usually doesn't and the leavesare heart-shaped. Wild potato vine (I. pandurata) flowers are white, but have pink or purple inside. Small white morning glory (I. lacunosa) has white flowres, but they are smaller, and leaves are more or less heart-shaped. Ivy-leaved morning glory (I. hederacea) has blue flowers and very different leaves.




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