Small White Morning Glory, Ipomoea lacunosa
Convolvulaceae or Morning Glory Family


Sprawling, spreading vine, climbing over other vegetation. Leaves heart-shaped, or with three lobes, like an arrowhead. Flowers small for a morning glory, less thanan inch long, trumpet-shaped, pure white (rarely purple). Blooms in the summer. Flowers open in the morning, wilting by afternoon.

Lovely native of moist thickets and open places. Occasional in Wildwood in the meadows.

There are several other morning glories in Wildwood, but all have larger flowers. Common morning glory (I. purpurea) flowers may be white, but usually aren't. Wild potato vine (I. pandurata) flowers are white, but have pink or purple inside. Ivy-leaved morning glory (I. hederacea) has blue flowers and very different leaves. Hedge bindweed (Calystegia sepium) and upright bindweed (C. spithamaea) have white to pink flowers, but the leaves are more triangular than heart shaped..

Leaf and flower   Leafstalk