Ivy-Leaved Morning Glory, Ipomoea hederacea
Convolvulaceae or Morning GloryFamily


Sprawling vine, clambering over other plants. Leaves untoothed, with three deep lobes, resembling ivy leaves, not opposite each other. Stems with backward-pointing hairs. Flowers trumpet-shaped, deep blue, sometimes purple or white, with white inside.

Escaped alien of sunny waste places. In Wildwood, occasional in the open meadows.

There are several other morning glories in Wildwood, but none have nearly sky-blue flowers with white inside, and none have leaves like ivy. When the flowers are white or purple, Ivy-leaved morning glory could be confused with common morning glory (I. purpurea) but this species has heart-shaped leaves. Wild potato vine (I. pandurata) flowers are white, but have pink or purple inside. Small white morning glory (I. lacunosa) has smaller, white flowers, and at least some leaves are usually heart-shaped. Hedge bindweed (Calystegia sepium) and upright bindweed (C. spithamaea) have white to pink flowers, and the leaves are more triangular. 



Vine showing hairs